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"Water is the symbol of pure consciousness"

Ice is Integrity


Master Distillers put their heart and souls into what is being poured from their bottles into a glass. Not only are they creating in a consistent nature, when the bottle gets into the hands of a bartender who respects the spirit why should the spirit be diminished by greater surface area than intended? When a bartender creates a cocktail they are looking for balance and perfection. Not only is is the vessel important, the ice is just as important as you want the cocktail to be chilled without being diluted as long as possible. Artisan Ice respects the heart of the distiller, the artistry of the bartender, and the palate of the patron.

The Ice...


Starting with soft-filtered water, our ice is directionally frozen so all of the impurities rise to the top and are removed. This freezing process allows us to manipulate the density of the ice as well, creating a crystal clear cube with less surface area. The ice is then custom cut to fit your glassware.

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