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About Artisan Ice

Our Story...


(In 1803 Fredrick Tudor bought his first ship to transport his ice harvest from Charlestown to Martinique. With wild speculation and negative opinion, he set forth and was successful in starting the first over sea ice shipping trade traveling as far as India. 


At Artisan Ice we strive to challenge the norm and elevate any beverage experience with a higher form of ice to elevate your experience. Through directional freezing, we create perfectly clear blocks of ice to be precision cut to the glass giving you an undiluted beverage that lasts longer. 


Brian Goodwin and Kurtis Williams have been working in the hospitality industry for decades and strive to create a no hassle delivery system to give our accounts more time to concentrate on their guests.

Decide the style and cut of ice that fits your program, next the amount that fits your needs and we handle the rest. We will check on your account once or twice a week and refill your ice to set pars.

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